What is a Hernia?

A hernia is a common condition in which part of an organ is displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity containing it, often involving the intestine at a weak point in the abdominal wall.

  • Over 1 million hernia repair surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year.
  • 5% of the U.S. population will be affected by a hernia in their lifetime.
  • Left untreated, hernias can cause serious internal problems, sometimes life-threatening.

Millions of people in the United States are affected by Hernias.

The great news is that hernia repair has never been easier before. New technology like robotics and new procedures like ours have been developed and are now to the point where the pain and recovery times are a FRACTION of what they were just few years ago.

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Why choose Hernia Repair Specialists of Rochester?

Hernia Repair Specialists of Rochester is the top robotic hernia repair surgery team, as well as the only Center of Excellence in Hernia & Robotic Surgery in the entire state of New York.

We specialize in screening and treatment for all types of hernias including sports hernias and those deemed too complicated to be treated by other physicians.

The most experienced Robotic Hernia Surgeons in Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region

Renowned hernia specialists, Drs. David Peter and Joseph Talarico are pioneers in the field of hernia repair and treatment. They are both board-certified & fellows of the American College of Surgeons, and are two of the top hernia specialists in the Rochester area.

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