Discovering a bump or protrusion on your child can be frightening, but don’t be alarmed hernias are fairly common in children and are easily treatable.

It’s not uncommon for babies to be born with a hernia that doesn’t become detected until they are older.   This is because as the child grows, enough pressure is generated which allows other tissues to protrude through the weakened area and the hernia develops.  For older children, especially boys, hernias can develop from playing sports.

Parents may notice a small bump near their child’s belly button or groin area.  It typically is the size of your thumb and it may bulge when he is active and then disappear when he is lying down or relaxed.  For some children, hernias can be incredibly painful and others may not experience any discomfort surrounding the herniated area.

Hernias never disappear on their own and the sooner they are treated the better.  In many cases, surgery is a minor procedure that takes about an hour.  Most children are able to leave as soon as they wake-up and are able to drink liquids.  After a day or two, children are back to their normal routine.  If you are concerned your child has a hernia, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Hernia Repair of Rochester.