Hernia’s don’t go away on their own. An untreated hernia can lead to larger medical complications including the hernia increasing in size, ulcers, and even anemia. Treating your hernia with laparoscopic or robotic surgery is the easiest and least invasive option. Don’t be alarmed, hernia surgery doesn’t need to totally disrupt your life, in fact, self-care can greatly improve your recovery time. We have provided some easy steps for you to start post surgery so you will be back on your feet in no time.

Change Your Diet:
Your diet plays a major role in the recovery time. Your goal is to keep your stomach relaxed which means avoiding spicy foods and foods that are high in acidity. Whole foods, including foods that are rich in fiber keep your metabolism levels high and your digestion moving. Also, avoid large amounts of sugar and caffeine which can bloat your stomach. Keeping your body hydrated also helps reduce bloating.

Keep Active:
Post surgery, it is important to get your body back in motion even if you experience levels of soreness. Moderate levels of physical activity including walking, swimming, and cycling can help improve your circulation and speed up your recovery. Yoga and active stretching,

Easy Steps to Aid Hernia Recovery

especially your core muscles can also help. Strength training that involves your abdomen including push-ups and pull-ups should be kept to a minimum the first couple of weeks because they can negatively impact the area of surgery. If you feel sharp pain, you should stop exercise immediately.

Sleep :
Most Americans, don’t get the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep. Yet sleep is even more important post-surgery. Sleeping on your side post-surgery is not possible due to high pain levels. Instead, sleeping on your back and placing a pillow underneath your knees will keep your hips and pelvis in a neutral position and help your body heal. Listen to your body and rest when you feel tired.

If you have more specific questions related to your personal recovery after a surgery make sure and consult your physician.