Holidays include a flurry of activity that shouldn’t include hernia pain.  Don’t let hernia pain strain your holiday celebrations, enjoy your festivities to the fullest. We recommend these tips to avoid a damper on your holidays:

Avoid Heavy Lifting:
Lifting a christmas trees, moving heavy boxes, setting up holiday decorations combined with a bustling schedule can cause a hernia to flair unintentionally. When moving heavy objects, be mindful of your body mechanics and don’t lift using your back. Ask for help if you think it can strain your back. It is better to move a bit slower than spend time later recovering from a hernia.

Limit your sugar and starches:
Foods are a major part of any holiday celebration, but foods high in fat, starch and sugar (including alcohol) can aggravate a hernia. Foods that are high in acid such as citrus or peppermint can also cause discomfort. Select one or two holiday treats to enjoy sparingly so you can enjoy your parties to the fullest.

Factor In Time for Rest:
During the bustle of the holidays, rest becomes super important in avoiding flair-ups. Listen to your body when you feel tired. If you have hernia pain, placing a pillow underneath your knees will keep your hips and pelvis in a neutral position and help your body heal.

Don’t Forget the Veggies:
Poor nutrition is often a contributor to the development or painful symptoms of a hernia, but it can also cause obesity and malnutrition, which causes weak muscles and can contribute to abdominal wall hernias.

Avoid Stress:
As merry as the holidays are, they can also be one of the most stressful times of the year.  Stress can complicate any medical condition including hernias.  Be selective about the parties and people you chose.

Be well this holiday season. We wish you a season free of hernia pain, however if you experience a hernia flair-up, contact your doctor immediately.