Almost 750,000 Americans seek treatment for a hernia, yet physician experts believe that hundreds of thousands more choose to suffer in silence primarily because they fear surgery.  Hidden hernias often go undiagnosed because they may not be visible or do not present the typical symptoms that define a hernia.  Recognize the signs and seek treatment so that you don’t let a hernia put a damper on your summer!

Sign #1: Pain & Discomfort:
A hernia often starts as mild discomfort and overtime becomes more painful. If you experience pain in your pelvic area, it could be a sign that you have a hernia.You also may feel a burning sensation or pressure to the affected area or like something has ruptured.

Sign #2: Nausea
A hernia may produce flu like symptoms such as nausea, fever or vomiting.  This is a sign that a hernia is serious and you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Sign #3: Muscle Weakness
Hernia’s often develop because of muscle weakness in the upper leg or groin area.

Sign #4: Heartburn
While most hernia symptoms are around the abdomen area, a burning sensation that feels like acid reflux.

Sign #5: A Visible Lump or Bulge
If you see a noticeable lump or protrusion in the abdomen, groin, or navel even if it’s not painful. It may become smaller when you sit or lie down.

Sign #6: Fever
If you have a fever coupled with any of the symptoms above, it could be a sign that you have a hernia.

Of course, if you suspect you have a hernia, please schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately to discuss the best treatment options.